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I just purchased and received two of your unstructured caps. I love them. I have you bookmarked on my computer and will be buying more. Had a hard time finding the exact product I wanted and this is it!
   - B Lowry (Oregon)


Thanks for getting back to me. The hat arrived today, Tuesday. It fits my big head and I like it!
   - K Reid (California)


I've been looking for some time to find a baseball cap that fits my big head. Your hats are the best! - Regards.
   - D Kaverly (Massachusetts)


The hats came Tuesday and are a perfect fit for my huge melon! Thanks again.
   - T Treleaven (Canada)


I just wanted to say thanks. A few days ago I placed my first order with your company. The woman who took my order was professional and nice. The hats must have shipped the next day, as a few days later they arrived in great condition. So, in a nutshell, I am very pleased and happy I found your website. I will be ordering more hats in the future. So nice having a hat that fits.
   - J. Tallmadge (Connecticut)


I just wanted to tell you that my hats came today and they are great! I've never been able to find a ball cap that fits until now. And they don't look weird or huge - they look totally normal! I'm shocked! I had doubts that even these would fit when I took them out of the box, but what a pleasant surprise! Thanks, thanks, thanks!
   - Anonymous


I own two other hats from you and just ordered two more. The cream color unstructured hat w/the black visor is my favorite and has held up very well for me. Now it's time to graduate to a bucket hat, so where else would I shop? Quality hats at a fair price - thanks!
   - T. Schman (South Carolina)


Hello there. I just purchased two hats from you guys and I love them. Thank you so much for quick shipment and great communications.
   - A. Song (Maryland)


Hi, I received my two hats and they are a perfect fit. My whole life I couldn't wear a hat due to the size and ... well, I can't tell you enough times thank you. I'll tell my friends where I purchased the hats.
   - M. Gentry (California)


It arrived the day after I emailed you. Fits well with room to spare for once.
   - A. Twardowski (Canada)


Hats arrived safely today. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.
   - B. Schofield (Australia)


I have never in my life been able to wear a hat - except in the Army 22 years ago and they had to make a custom hat for me (sad, but true). Your site is a blessing .... and I truly appreciate the incredibly quick service and the great hats. They fit perfect!
   - J. Muschar (Pennsylvania)


Just received a cap I ordered. This is my third from the Big Hat Store. One cap is to be retired. You sure know how to make an oversized cap. Keep up the good work!
   - A. Tippit (Texas)


What a great great product. Just made my first order with y'all, and it's the best fitting ballcap of my life (a not insignificant period of time). Expect to hear more from me, and thank you for the product and service -- not to mention fast shipping.
   - A. Kienlen (Arkansas)


Just received my order from you guys today and once again, you have outdone yourself. The Max4 camo hats are nice, they're just the right size, they fit comfortably and they look great. Once again, I am a satisfied and extremely happycustomer. I think this makes about eight or nine hats I've bought from you guys and I haven't been disappointed with any of them. Thank you very much.
   - T. Dickinson (California)


I have been looking for a long time for winter hats that don't look too small on my big head and look nice. The ones I purchased from you guys are perfect!!! Thank you!!!
   - J. Francise (New York)


My compliments. Ordered two hats. They arrived very quickly and much to my astonishment - they actually FIT! And considering how awful I look in most hats - they look good on me. I'm amazed and delighted. Just ordered a 3rd.
   - M. Z. (Oregon)


I received my hat (8 1/4) on Monday and wore it to my fiddle gig on Wednesday. So many people complemented me on the hat that I had to tell them to stop, cause I was getting a big head.
   - B. Hoffman (Minnesota)


Just wanted to drop you a line about my hat. Frankly, I don't think I've ever been happier with a clothing/accessory purchase. Haven't had many hats that fit...or for that matter at my life. I've worn the Ultra Premium Cap everyday walking my dog. The temps and wind have been pretty brutal here this winter but this hat has kept me warm and dry...and most of all doesn't look like some kind of beanie on my head! Thanks and I'm sure I'll be back for my next purchase.
   - J. Dixon (Maryland)


I'd just like to say thanks a lot for my hat! It's so hard to find a decent hat at regular stores, even at only 7 3/4", because there just isn't enough material in the hat and it still looks too small. The hat I bought from your fits perfectly and looks great. Your shipping is very reasonable as well, many online sellers rip you off in that respect. I look forward to doing business again!
   - A. McKee (Canada)


I have been looking for a baseball hat forever and got mine today. I just put them on and love them THANK YOU THANK YOU!
   - R. Dyer (Indiana)


Hi there- Just wanted to say that I just got the hat I purchased a few weeks back, and my husband LOVES it. He needed a hat to go over a head cover for work, and it was so amazing to show it to him and have him realize it actually fits. He's so excited, until now he's never had a hat that fits. So glad we found your site, we will certainly purchase again. Thanks for being awesome!
   - C. Ketelsen (Iowa)


WOW! First time I've ever bought a hat that I had to take in the adjustment strap in the back. Not only did it fit around my melon it was deep enough it came down above my ears! Glad I bought 3 (two coolnit & a standard)! All of them fit nicely and look great! Thanks!!!
   - P. Meyers (Ohio)


The two hats I ordered for my husband are terrific. Finally, a baseball hat that actually fits him right. And it looks terrific. It's not just that the hat is bigger, but the bill is bigger so it's the right proportion to the hat. I want to commend Ashley for her patience during my ordering these hats over the holidays. I goofed up a couple of times, and she was able to get the order here three days before Christmas. Thanks so much, Ashley! And she was also the one who helped me with the choosing the size. I would definitely recommend your store for ordering hats!
   - P. Becker (California)


I recently purchased from your company a couple winter caps for my husband. They arrived today and I was so pleased at the quality of the hats! We all know sometimes when shopping on line, the product doesn't always meet the consumers expectations. The Big Hat Store sure met mine today!!!!
   - B. Mitchell (Ohio)


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