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The Big Hat Store was established in 1998 near the Motor City (in Troy, MI) dedicated to selling the most comfortable best fitting BIG HATS in the industry! Our founder decided to start the business when he could not find big sized hats that fit. Not surprisingly, only one hat manufacturer in the country at that time was willing to take the risk to custom build hats for us at that time. Other manufacturers contacted believed that there were few, if any people with large sized heads (size 2X/XXL, 3X/XXXL, and 4X/XXXXL) in the USA and declined to manufacture large-sized hats. Well we proved them wrong and have been in business for over 15 years with many satisfied customers.

What makes our BIG HATS better?

  1. We Specialize in Big Sized Hats

    Since we only sell big sized hats, we excel at understanding what makes for an excellent fitting oversized hat. For example, we know that big sized hats need to have extra hat depth as well as circumference to fit comfortably. We also ensure that other key measurements such as front, side and back crown arc measurements meet our exacting specifications. We do not sell one-size-fits all hats, regular sized hats, nor do we sell other apparel.

  2. We Carefully Size the Hats Displayed on Our Site

    While most all of our hats are custom made to our specifications, we are careful to quality control the hats sizes to ensure that accurate sizes are displayed on our site. We don’t just take the word of our manufacturers and suppliers as to the size of a hat, we actually measure the hat prototypes and have real customers try them on to ensure that the sizing is correct before having them produced. You will note, for example, that on our site, in addition to just the general range noted (example: 3X), we also list the recommended sizes each hat will fit (example: Size 7 ¾ - 8)


    We offer a big variety of BIG HATS in sizes 2X/XXL, 3X/XXXL and 4X/XXXXL. Hat types include standard “traditional” baseball hats, unstructured baseball hats, mesh hats, Coolnit hats, Flexfit hats, MLB baseball hats, NFL hats, NHL Hats, Fedora hats, sun hats, driving hats, cowboy hats, safari hats, fleece hats, knit hats, ultra-weather hats, and more.

  4. Most of Our Hats Are Made in the USA

    We are extremely proud to have most of our hats manufactured in the USA using fabrics also made in the USA. They’re handcrafted, unique and quality made for a great fit!

  5. We Take Pride in Our Customer Service

    As with many businesses, repeat business is a testament to both our service and product. We work hard to deliver great customer service. Don’t take our word for it, just take a look at our many positive reviews on Facebook, Google+ and other social media!


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